New in SEOprofiler: more variables for scheduled reports

We have added more variables that you can use in the email messages that are sent with scheduled reports.

schedule SEO reports

You can use these variables

You can use the following variables to customize the notification messages that are sent to your customers:

  • [project_name]
  • [project_notes]
  • [report_date]
  • [report_name]
  • [report_url]

White-label SEO reports in your company design

With SEOprofiler, you can create white-label reports in your company design. The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler.

You can create PDF reports and web-based reports. The web-based reports use responsive design SEO agencies to make sure that your clients can access their reports with any device, from any location, and with any operating system.

You can use your own logo, your own colors, and your own custom texts.

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Johannes Selbach

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