New in SEOprofiler: track rankings of businesses that do not have a website

We have added another great feature to the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler: from now on, you can track the rankings of businesses that do not have a website!

Search engine rankings without a website?

Although this sounds odd, it is not unusual that businesses without a website get listed on Google’s first result page (and on other search engines). These listings are in the local results:

local results without website

These are local results that appear on Google for the keyword “flowers knoxville”. As you can see, none of these businesses is listed with a website. The results refer to entries in Google Maps.

Most local results include a website

Businesses that do have a website will be listed with their website address in the local results:

local results with website

Until now, the Ranking Monitor only tracked the rankings of websites (including all pages on the website, subdomains, external pages such as Facebook pages, YouTube videos, etc.). With the new version of the Ranking Monitor, you can also track the rankings of businesses by business name.

How to track the rankings by business name

It’s very easy to the track the rankings by business name. Click the ‘Add monitored domains and pages’ button on the page ‘Monitored URLs’ in the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler. You will get this dialog window:

monitor by business name

Click the ‘Monitor a business name’ panel and enter the name of the business. If you want to track the rankings of the business ‘The Flower Pot’, enter that business name. That’s all there is to it. You can monitor your own business names and business names of your competitors

See your rankings

The page ‘Ranked keyword’ will then show the rankings of that website for that keyword:

ranked business name

Monitor all rankings of your website

The Ranking Monitor tracks much more than just local rankings. It tracks regular rankings, image rankings, video rankings, news rankings, etc.

You can filter the rankings by various factors, you can find the top pages, you get alerts and opportunities, ranking progression charts, and a lot more. If you haven’t done it yet, try the Ranking Monitor (and all the other tools in SEOprofiler) now:

Try the Ranking Monitor

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