New in SEOprofiler: ranking checks from 84,775 locations in 49 countries

local rankings

Starting today, you can check your search engine rankings from all 84,755 locations that are officially supported by Google. The new ranking monitor enables you to see exactly the same search results that your customers get when they search from their location.

Google’s rankings vary from city to city

Depending on the location, Google shows different search results to searchers. People who search for “car dealer” from New York will get different results than people from Chicago.

The new ranking monitor in SEOprofiler shows you exactly where your website is ranking. You will get the same results as if you were physically located in a different city.

No other SEO software offers as many locations as SEOprofiler

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler supports all 84,775 locations from 49 countries that are officially supported by Google!

In addition to many small and big cities you can also track your rankings from airports, states, TV regions, universities, and zip codes. Here are some examples:

USA (54,854 cities and locations from all US states), for example:

  • Albuquerque
  • Arlington
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Colorado Springs
  • Columbus
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • El Paso
  • Fort Worth
  • Fresno
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Jacksonville
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Louisville
  • Memphis
  • Mesa
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • Oakland
  • Oklahoma City
  • Omaha
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Raleigh
  • Sacramento
  • San Antonio
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Seattle
  • Tucson
  • Tulsa
  • Virginia Beach
  • Washington
  • Wichita

Germany (5,358 cities and locations), for example:

  • Aachen
  • Augsburg
  • Berlin
  • Bielefeld
  • Bochum
  • Bonn
  • Bremen
  • Dortmund
  • Dresden
  • Duisburg
  • Düsseldorf
  • Essen
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hannover
  • Karlsruhe
  • Köln (Cologne)
  • Leipzig
  • Mannheim
  • München (Munich)
  • Münster
  • Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
  • Stuttgart
  • Wiesbaden
  • Wuppertal

France (3,645 cities and locations), for example:

  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Toulouse
  • Lille
  • Bordeaux
  • Nice
  • Nantes
  • Strasbourg
  • Grenoble

United Kingdom (3,264 cities and locations), for example:

  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Bradford
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Coventry
  • Dudley
  • East Riding
  • Edinburgh
  • Fife
  • Glasgow
  • Kirklees
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Manchester
  • North Lanarkshire
  • Sandwell
  • Sheffield
  • South Lanarkshire
  • Sunderland
  • Wakefield
  • Wigan
  • Wirral

Canada (2,795 cities and locations), for example:

  • Brampton
  • Burnaby
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Gatineau
  • Halifax
  • Hamilton
  • Laval
  • London
  • Longueuil
  • Markham
  • Mississauga
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • Surrey
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Vaughan
  • Winnipeg

Italy (1,308 cities and locations), for example:

  • Bari
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Genoa
  • Messina
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Padua
  • Palermo
  • Rome
  • Trieste
  • Turin
  • Venice
  • Verona

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It’s easy: how to check local rankings with the ranking monitor

When you add keywords to the ranking monitor (Your project > Ranking monitor > Ranked keywords > Add your keywords), you can choose the country in which you want to check your rankings. Enter the first letters of the city from which you want to search and the ranking monitor will suggest available locations:

specify the location for the local ranking check

That’s all there is to it. The ranking monitor will check your rankings as if it was a person who is searching from the selected location. Your checked rankings will be displayed like this:

You get the exact search results that searchers in these cities get. Of course, you can also offer your customers reports in your company design. The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler.

It’s for you and your clients: custom reports in your company design

You can offer your customers PDF reports (which can be sent automatically to your clients, or you create them whenever you want), and you can offer your customers web-based reports:

custom reports in your company design

It’s just a click away

If you haven’t done it yet, try the new ranking monitor now. The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler helps you to keep track of the rankings of your web pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing:

Try the new ranking monitor now

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