New in SEOprofiler: another addition to the web-based client reports

Thank you very much for your positive feedback on the new web-based client SEO reports.

If you haven’t seen this new feature yet: the new web-based client reports enable you to offer your clients SEO reports in your own company design. The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler and your client’s won’t find out that you use SEOprofiler to create the reports.

Export your project information

You can send your clients to a generic URL that has no reference to SEOprofiler to view the reports. Alternatively, you can frame the reports on a password protected page on your own website.

To do this, you get a direct link URL that opens the report without further need of a password. Some of our customers have many clients. To make it easier for you to get the direct report links, we have added a new “Export projects” button on the dashboard page in SEOprofiler.

The export button exports the most important project information, including the login information for the web-based client reports.

Save your settings for all projects at once

Some of our customers don’t want to provide all reports to their clients. For example, if you only want to provide ranking reports to your clients, you can filter the other reports from the client front-end:

select the reports

The new button “Save these settings for all projects” enables you to set the settings for all of your projects at once.

Test the new reports and the new features now

If you haven’t done it yet, get your SEOprofiler account now. You can get full access to all SEOprofiler tools for just $1 (this offer is available once per customer):

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