The longtail keyword generator now supports Dutch keywords

The longtail keyword generator in SEOprofiler now supports Dutch keywords. If you quickly want to create keyword lists for paid search marketing, the longtail keyword generator tool can help you:

longtail keyword generator

Quickly create keyword lists for paid search marketing

The longtail keyword generator tool helps you to create comprehensive keywor lists for your search marketing campaigns. Enter a list of keywords and the longtail keyword generator tool will create new keyword lists based on your input:

  • action keywords
  • common supplementary words
  • color names
  • industry names
  • occupation names
  • city names
  • state, region and county names
  • synonyms for “bargain”
  • synonyms for “big”
  • synonyms for “complete”
  • synonyms for “fast”
  • synonyms for “great”
  • synonyms for “smart”

Until today, the longtail keyword generator tool was available for English, French and German keywords. Thanks to Bart van der Meer from the Dutch SEO company Little B, the tool is now also available in Dutch.

Optimize your keyword lists

SEOprofiler offers a keyword suggestion tool and many more keyword research tools. You also get tools that help you to optimize your lists for Google AdWords and other PPC platforms:

keyword research tools

If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now and test the keyword research tools:

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