22 websites that promote your infographics (free tool)

Infographics are a great way to attract links to your website. In addition to the natural backlinks that you will get to your infographics, you can also submit them to infographic databases.

These databases will add a link to your website and contribute to the position of your website on Google. We have added a new ‘Infographics’ category to our Starter backlinks tool:

Starter backlinks with infographics

What are Starter backlinks?

It is difficult to get high quality backlinks. The Starter backlinks tool makes it easier to get good backlinks quickly, especially for new websites. The more backlinks your website has, the quicker and the more often search engine spiders will visit your web pages.

The Starter backlinks in SEOprofiler are high quality websites that are sorted by the SEOprofiler Link Influence Score. Links from these websites have a positive effect on the search engine rankings of your website.

Quickly get good backlinks from a variety of websites

The Starter backlinks are available in 22 different categories:

  • Website directories
  • Blog directories
  • Affiliate program directories
  • Article directories
  • Award sites
  • Content sites
  • eBook directories
  • Free resource directories
  • Infographic sites
  • Job offer sites
  • Podcast directories
  • Press release sites
  • Question & answer sites
  • Shopping sites
  • Slide & presentation sites
  • Social media sites
  • Social news sites
  • Software directories
  • Tutorial directories
  • Video directories
  • White paper directories
  • Yellow Pages sites

Use the Starter backlinks tool for your website now. It’s free!

Although there are no shortcuts in building links to your site, the Starter backlinks in SEOprofiler will help you to get good links as quickly as possible. The best thing for you: the Starter backlinks are available without limitations in the free version of SEOprofiler!

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