The new and improved weekly opportunities

We have improved the weekly backlink and keyword opportunities that you get in SEOprofiler.

Each week, SEOprofiler scans the web for backlinks and keywords that are related to your website. You can use these backlinks to improve the position of your website on Google and the keywords to improve your Google AdWords campaigns.

1. The new weekly keyword opportunities:

The keyword opportunities now enable you to work directly with the suggested list:

keyword opportunities

The new keyword opportunity list enables you to do the following:

  • Collect keywords for your Google AdWords campaigns (single keywords or all).
  • Download a CSV file with all keywords.
  • Quickly optimize a web page of your site for a keyword.

To make that project overview page more clearly arranged, we moved the links to the weekly keyword opportunities from the project overview page to the keyword tools overview page:

keyword tools

1. The new weekly backlink opportunities:

The weekly backlink opportunities are now integrated with the new backlink manager in SEOprofiler.

Each week, SEOprofiler will show you a list of websites that could link to your site. These suggestions are grouped by topic: blogs, reviews, forums, directories, guest posts, etc. If you like a site, you can add it to the link manager with a single mouse click:

backlink opportunities

The weekly link opportunities have been moved from the project overview page to the link building tools overview page: Dashboard > Your project > Link building > Link building tools

How to get weekly backlink and keyword opportunities

If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account. Enter at least 5 competitors in the competitor watchlist on the project overview page:

Competitor watchlist

That’s all you have to do. Based on the URL of your own website and the URLs of your competitors, SEOprofiler will search for backlinks and keywords that will improve your website.

Create a free SEOprofiler account now and see for yourself!

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