Google’s Matt Cutts: long-standing, mass, duplicate spam isn’t that good ;-)

In an online forum, a webmaster asked why it was so difficult to get the penalty of a particular client lifted:

“My client is concerned that perhaps they are being penalized for something other than unnatural links. They have sent out a large number of emails and many have likely been reported as spam. The company is a legitimate loan broker, but they do have several sites operating under different business names.

I could see that that could potentially cause issues with Google, but to me, it seems clear that the penalty is for unnatural links as there are no other actions showing in the manual spam actions viewer.”

It turned out that the client did not give all the details to the SEO company that tried to lift the penalty:

During the discussion, Matt Cutts said that the company should “have a clear-eyed view of the hole they dug for themselves over the years.” He also said that it would be quite difficult to lift the penalty:

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