Google’s Matt Cutts: you can use the disavow links tool even if your website hasn’t been penalized

In a new video on YouTube, Google’s Matt Cutts says that you can use Google’s disavow links tool even if your website doesn’t have a manual action penalty.

For example, you could use the disavow links tool in these circumstances:

  • A website with which you don’t want to be associated links to your site.
  • A website doesn’t want to remove the links to your site.
  • You think that someone is hurting your site with bad links or a link bomb attack.
  • You think that someone might submit a spam report about your website.

Caution: Matt Cutts also says in this video that the primary use for the disavow links tool is to get rid of bad backlinks that have been done by you or your SEO company in the past. You can view the full video here:

Be careful

We don’t recommend using Google’s disavow links tool. Using the tool is still an admission of guilt. At least you show Google that you know that there are bad links that could manipulate your rankings and that you are actively want to influence the rankings of your web pages.

If you did not spam Google in the past, it is much better to invest your time in getting new high quality backlinks. If you use white-hat search engine optimization tools that play by the rules, you will get high rankings that last. If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler trial account now:

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