Google’s John Mueller: emoji in titles won’t always be displayed

In a webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that Google might take action on overused emoji in title tags:

“I thought that looked really cool when I saw the first pages that were using that, but I think it’s really easy to over do that, so I think it’s something we’ll take action on it at some point.

By taking action, I don’t think that we will manually demote the sites using it, but we’ll have to just filter those symbols out of the search results. We do that already for an amount of existing Unicode symbols already so that’s something I imagine we will be expanding that list over time.

So [using emoji in title tags] is definitely not something I’d recommend as a strategy going forward, not something I’d recommend putting a lot of energy into to adding this into your site. It’s a lot of work and essentially soon they just won’t be shown at all.

So it’s like a waste of time, you might as well focus on things that will give you long term results to improve the quality of your site overall rather than just mess with the snippets.”

You can view the video here:

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Johannes Selbach

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