Google: websites that are crawled often do not rank better

In a Google webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that a high crawl frequency does not mean that a website will rank higher:

“It’s not true that if a page is not crawled regularly that it won’t show up in rankings at all. In general, we try to do our crawling based on when we think this page might be changing or how often it might be changing.

So if we think that something stays the same for a longer period of time, we might not crawl it for a couple of months. And that’s completely fine. We can still show it in search. So that’s not something that I’d say is a direct relationship.

Oftentimes there is the kind of relationship where that when we think something is important we tend to crawl it more frequently and that might also be more visible in search, it’s not really the case where you could say from the amount of crawling this means how important it will show in search.”

You can view the video here:

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Johannes Selbach

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