Google: we don’t index JavaScript content that requires user interaction

Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout on YouTube that Google won’t index dynamically created content if it requires an interaction from the website visitor.

“You’re saying this is behind JavaScript functions. There’s a difference from our point of view between functions or functionality that you have on the page that is loaded by default and functionality that has to be loaded on interaction.

Functionality that is visible in the page by default which is in the HTML – maybe it’s not visible by default but it’s in the HTML by default – that’s everything that we can pick up and index right away.

If there’s something on your page that needs some interaction to load […] for example if you use Javascript to load something from your database or from your API’s and then show that to the user when they click on something, then that’s something that we would not know about. […]

We would not know where to click on your pages to trigger this interaction with your server to load more content so that’s the aspect that, just purely from a technical point of view, wee wouldn’t know what to do to load that content.

We wouldn’t be able to index that content. However, like I mentioned, if it’s already in the HTML if you can do ‘view source’ or ‘inspect element’ and it’s in your HTML by default, it’s just not visible by default, then that would be fine.”

You can view the video here:

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