Google: third party comments on your website are primary content

Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout on YouTube that the comment section on your web pages counts as primary content.

blog comments are primary content

“We see [comments] as a part of the page so that’s something where we would probably see it as part of the main content, in the sense that, when we look at a web page, we have things like the navigation all around, the footer, the sidebars – these things which are the parts that we would see as boilerplate content, so not as critical.

But the blog post and the changing content on a blog page, which would include the comments, is something that we would see as a primary content.

We would try to understand that these are blog comments but essentially, these are a part of the primary page. And sometimes what can happen is that maybe you don’t have a lot of content in your blog post but there are lots of really good comments on there. So it’s important for us to say: ‘well this could be something that is really useful for this particular page’ so we should not ignore it by default.”

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