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In a webmaster hangout on YouTube, Google’s Martin Splitt and Google’s John Mueller shared some tips for international websites. If your website is available in different versions for different regions, this might help you.

1. You can localize URLs

It’s okay to translate and localize the words in your URLs for the different language versions of your website. According to John Mueller, this won’t break anything and Google can handle this.

2. Creating language versions with parameters can cause problems

Google cannot automatically detect and apply geo-targeting if the different language versions of your website are created with URL parameters. For that reason, you should use other methods to create the international versions of your website.

3. If you use subfolders, country should come before language

If your website uses subfolders for the different country and language variations, you have to verify these variations separately in Google Search Console. If the country subfolder is above the language subfolder, this will be easier for Google.

For example, the folder structure could be Index > Germany > German and Index > Switzerland > German and Index > Switzerland > Italian.

You can view the video here:

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