Google no longer supports the Lynx browser (bad for blind people)

On Hacker News, a user reported that he was no longer able to use Google with the Lynx browser.

Lynx is a customizable text-based web browser for use on cursor-addressable character cell terminals. Lynx can be used for internet access by visually impaired users.

Google and the lynx browser

Google engineer Misha Brukman answered:

“I am an engineer on Google Search frontend.

Thank you for posting this, and I’m really sorry and saddened to see this broken; this is certainly not intended behavior.

I’ve reproduced the issue you described in the blog (Lynx does not allow clicking on the search results page). Even though Google serves valid HTML to Lynx, it’s probably HTML that Lynx cannot parse, and since it used to work before, this is a regression. I filed a bug for our team to look further into it and address the root cause.

Interestingly enough, pressing <L> shows a list of links in the current document, and it does show all the available result links, so Lynx does see and parse them, it’s just not rendering the links inline with the search results, so that’s something we have to investigate as well. […]

I look forward to seeing this bug resolved, and will be personally following up on the status of this bug.

Again, I’m really sorry to see this, and I hope we’ll be able to restore your ability to use Google with Lynx shortly!”

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