Google indirectly confirms the medic update and the importance of E-A-T

In a webmaster hangout on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that Google’s algorithms are much better at judging the quality of medical websites now. He also said that it makes sense to focus on E-A-T (expertise, authority and trustworthiness):

“There are other kinds of websites where I’d say ‘maybe our algorithms in the last year or so have been focusing more on’ and where they’re a bit more critical.

For example, one area that I’ve seen mentioned a lot is the whole medical space – where I see people posting online, talking about authority, expertise, those kind of things, where I’d say that it definitely makes sense.

In the past, it was really hard for us to judge the quality of the medical or medically oriented site. Over time, our algorithms have gotten better in that regard and that’s an area where I’d say ‘maybe if you if you had a low-quality affiliate site that was focusing on these medical topics then maybe you you would be seeing changes there,’ even though perhaps over the last ten years or so you had a really good run.”

You can view the video here:

More about E-A-T

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