Google wants high-resolution favicons

Some webmasters get notifications from Google asking them to provide higher resolution favicons. Google probably wants bigger favicons to shop up in their Chrome web browser.

“Google systems have been unable to detect a high-resolution favicon for your site. Our research has shown that providing a high-resolution favicon (192×192) can increase clicks by up to 2 x in surfaces like Chrome’s New Tab page or the Android home screen.

Missing icons, or blurry images generated by expanding low-resolution icons, degrade the user experience and may discourage users from visiting your site again from those surfaces.

Here’s an image of such a message

Does this influence your rankings?

It’s unlikely that this will influence the position of your web pages in Google’s search results. If you want to find out how to improve the position of your web pages on Google, check your website with the website audit tool and the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler:

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Johannes Selbach

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