Google announces new meta robots attributes for snippets

Google has announced three new meta tags that help you to control how Google displays your web page listings on the search result pages.

new robots attributes for snippets

The new snippet attributes

Previously, it was only possible to allow a textual snippet or to not allow one. The new meta robots attributes allow a more fine-grained configuration of the preview content shown for your web pages.

The robots meta tag is added to the <head> section of your web pages. The available attributes for snippets are:

  • “nosnippet”
    This is an existing option to specify that you don’t want any textual snippet shown for this page.
  • “max-snippet:[number]”
    This is a new attribute that enables you to specify a maximum text-length, in characters, of a snippet for your page.
  • “max-video-preview:[number]”
    This new attribute enables you to specify a maximum duration in seconds of an animated video preview.
  • “max-image-preview:[setting]”
    This new attribute enables you to specify a maximum size of image preview to be shown for images on this page, using either “none”, “standard”, or “large”.

You can also combine the attributes:

<meta name=”robots” content=”max-snippet:50, max-image-preview:large”>

The changes will become effective in mid-to-late October 2019 and may take about a week for the global rollout to complete.

The new data-nosnippet HTML attribute

Google has also announced a new data-nosnippet HTML attribute that enables you to prevent parts of your web pages from being shown within the textual snippet on the search results page. This can help you to increase the number of click-throughs to your website.


<span data-nosnippet>Harry Houdini</span> is undoubtedly the most famous magician ever to live.

The data-nosnippet HTML attribute will be start affecting presentation on Google products later this year.

Optimize your web pages

The snippets that are used to display your web pages on Google’s search result pages impact the click-throughs that your listings will get. To be listed in the search results, you need good web page content and good links from other websites. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to get both:

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