Google announces manual action viewer for web spam

On Google’s webmaster blog, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team announced changes in the reporting of manual web spam:

“The manual action viewer in Webmaster Tools shows information about actions taken by the manual webspam team that directly affect that site’s ranking in Google’s web search results.”

To try the new feature, go to Google Webmaster Tools and click the ‘Manual Actions’ link under ‘Search Traffic’. Most people will see a ‘No manual webspam actions found’. If you see that message, your website doesn’t have a manual penalty.

What to do if your website has received a manual penalty

You can do a live check against Google’s internal webspam systems. You might get a result similar to the following:

Google's manual actions viewer

In this example, only a specific section of the website was penalized by Google. In this example, the problem was caused by other people who left spam in the website’s forum. To solve the problem, the webmaster must remove the spam comments from the website and then file a reconsideration request.

How to avoid Google penalties

You only need this new Google feature if your website has a manual Google penalty. It does not help with algorithmic penalties.

The best way to avoid a Google penalty is not to use spam methods to promote your website. Do not try to trick Google and your website won’t get penalized. Use safe SEO methods that play by the rules if you want to get rankings that last.

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