Google Ads: Smart Bidding to be used for search partners

Google Ads Smart Bidding

Google announced in the Google Ads blog that they are going to use Smart Bidding for search partner sites:

“Going forward, Smart Bidding may be used for search partner sites if you have conversion tracking in place. Smart Bidding can provide better performance by using a wider range of contextual signals to optimize bids for each and every auction.

Smart Bidding will aim to maximize conversions on search partners at a similar cost per conversion as Google Search. For example, if you have a $50 cost per conversion on Google Search but lower conversion rates on partner sites, then Smart Bidding may set lower bids to help achieve a $50 cost per conversion.

Alternatively, if you get a better conversion rate from a search partner site, Smart Bidding may raise your bid to help you get more traffic and conversions from that site at the $50 cost per conversion you receive on Google Search.

The aim is to get conversions on search partner sites at a similar cost per conversion as on Google Search.

Google Ads are not enough

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