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the new Link Influencer

Not all links are created equal. Some links have much more influence on the rankings of the linked sites than other links. These links will give your web pages a ranking boost on Google and other search engines. The Link Influencer tool in SEOprofiler helps you to get these links.

Some links are better than others

Some websites are more relevant to a particular topic than other sites. If these websites link to your site, search engines will find your pages more relevant to that topic.

The Link Influencer tool helps you to find relevant websites that are willing to link to other sites. It shows the sites that link to at least two of the top ranked sites for a particular keyword. These linking sites are influential and they are willing to link to other sites.

Focus on the websites that matter and save time

With the Link Influencer tool, you can focus on the websites that matter:

  • Websites that influence the position of the top ranked sites.
  • Websites that are related to the topic of your site.
  • Websites that are willing to link to other sites.

Link Influencer

The Link Influencer is based on our previous Hub Finder tool. It helps you to find these highly influential sites. If such a website links to your site, search engines will know that your website is relevant to a particular topic.

As easy as 1-2-3

It’s very easy to work with the Link Influencer tool. Enter the keyword for which you want to be found and select the country in which you want to get high rankings. The Link Influencer will retrieve the top ranked pages and it will show you the websites that link to at least two of these pages.

Alternatively, you can enter the URLs of up to five competitors to find websites that link to many of your competitors. It is very likely that these websites will also link to your site.

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