How competitors can hurt your website with fake link removal requests (3 easy steps)

Since the dramatic Google Penguin update a few weeks ago webmasters and companies have been going crazy trying to clean up their backlink profiles. Instead of doing things to improve their web pages, some webmasters concentrate on removing backlinks that point to their site.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we don’t recommend deleting backlinks. It won’t help your website and chances are that you will waste a lot of time and money:

Another problem of link removal requests: they can be used to hurt competitors.

1-2-3-poof. And gone.

How black hat optimizers can fake link removal requests

Let’s say that you own the domain and you have great links from great websites. Your competitor could do the following to delete the high quality links that point to your site:

  1. Register a domain name such as or another domain that is very similar to your address.
  2. Redirect the new domain to your real domain name so that people who enter the fake domain name in their web browser think that it’s an official domain.
  3. Create an email address from that domain and send emails to all websites that link to your website with a request to remove the link.

How to protect your website against these people

If you don’t monitor the backlinks that point to your website, it might be weeks before you realize that the links were taken down.

If you use the link manager in SEOprofiler, you will be notified if a website removes the link to your site. If you want to be on the safe side, use the link manager in SEOprofiler to make sure that all of your backlinks are intact.

How to improve the Google rankings of your website

Don’t worry about deleting bad backlinks and don’t even think about hurting other domains. Concentrate on improving your own website.

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