Bing improves Twitter integration, Twitter more important than Facebook

In a post on Bing’s official blog, Bing announced improved Twitter integration:

“The central idea behind the approach is that the most interesting content on Twitter can be determined by a combination of a tweet’s popularity, its freshness and the authority of the user tweeting it. We look at a number of signals including tweet quality, retweet count, freshness of tweet, user profile info and verified status, among others. Placing these signals in our model, we serve what we hope are top quality tweets.”

How does Bing’s new feature work?

When you type letters in Bing’s search box, Bing automatically showcases the top matching hashtag suggestions. Bing also helps you find specific Twitter handles. Say you are looking for Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter handle and start typing “@a” in the Search box on Bing. You will see top suggestions for Twitter handles that match your input along with additional info that shows up on hover, to help you quickly find the right person.

In addition, Bing will include top content shared on Twitter directly in the search results for some keywords (for example “Ashton Kutcher”).

Twitter delivers better results than Facebook

When Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in a World Cup soccer match, Snickers sent exactly the same image at the same time to 11 million Facebook fans and 50,000 Twitter followers:

The Facebook post received 3,250 likes from the 11 million Facebook fans. The tweet was retweeted 34,994 times and favorited 14,754 times although only 50,000 people followed the account. The Twitter post delivered much better results.

How to monitor your brand on Twitter

The social media inbox monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to keep track of conversations about your company and your products on Twitter and other social networks.

Whenever your business is mentioned on Twitter, you can react as quickly as possible:

social media inbox overview

Just enter keywords that are related to your company in the social media inbox monitor. The social media inbox will display tweets and questions that are related to these keywords. You can reply to these tweets directly from the monitor. If you want, you can even add emoji icons to tweets that you send from the social media inbox

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