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During the last few weeks, many people switched from SEOmoz and Raven to SEOprofiler. Both SEOmoz (no more private support) and Raven (no more ranking checks) have removed features during the last weeks without lowering the prices and many of their users weren’t happy with these changes.

Don’t get me wrong: SEOmoz and Raven are great tools by great people. If you’re happy with them, there’s no need to switch. However, if you want to check if there are tools that offer a little more for your money or if you need similar features for a lower price, we invite you to test our SEOprofiler plans:

SP Smart
SEOmozRavenSP Standard





Ranking monitor
Check rankingsno
Actionable itemsnono
Website audit
Weekly auditno
Number of links50,000no50,00020,000
Page optimization
Page optimizationno
Link building tools
Backlink analyzer
Category links, etc.nono
Hub findernono
Backlink managerno
Backlink optimizernono
Opportunity findernolimited
Starter backlinksno
Backlink checknolimited
Contact finderno
Competitive intelligence
Backlink spylimited
AdWords spynono
Ranking spynono
Social media checker
Social mentionsnolimited
Likes & clicksno
Keyword research
Suggestion toolno
Difficulty toolno
Keyword spy toolnono
Keyword optimizationnono
Website submission
PDF reports
PDF reports
White labellimitedlimitedno

If you want to get more bang for your buck, don’t hesitate to SEOprofiler now. We’re sure that you will like what you get with SEOprofiler.

If you don’t have an SEOprofiler account yet, you can try SEOprofiler now for $1. This offer is available once per customer:

Try SEOprofiler now for $1!

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