9 things that you get for free in SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler offers many powerful tools that are available to regular members. However, even the free SEOprofiler demo account offers many things for free:

1. FREE: detailed information about the backlinks of any website

  • the total number of backlinks
  • the unique number of backlinks (these links influence search engine rankings)
  • the Link Rank of the website (how does the site compare to other sites?)
  • the Link Influence Score of the website (how powerful are links from the site?)
  • the most popular anchor texts that are used to link to the site (which keywords are the most important?)
  • the strongest pages of the website (which pages are the most popular?)

Use this information to judge the quality of potential link partners. The information can also help you to identify potential problems with the backlink structure of a website.

2. FREE: detailed information about the Google rankings of any website:

  • The number of top 20 rankings that each website has
  • The keywords for which the website has top 20 rankings
  • The pages of the website that have top 20 rankings
  • The exact position of the website for the keywords
  • The major competitors of the website in the organic ranking results

Use this information to find out how well your competitors are listed on Google. Benefit from their keywords and find out which pages of your competitors get traffic.

3. FREE: detailed information about the Google AdWords ads of any website:

  • The number of different ad copies that is used by the website
  • The ad copy texts that are used by the website
  • The keywords for which the website advertises on Google AdWords
  • The landing pages that are used by the website
  • The major competitors of the website on Google AdWords

To get the ranking and Google AdWords information, we monitor the rankings and ads for the 15 million most popular keywords. These keywords represent the vast majority of the keywords that are regularly searched on Google and that regularly deliver the most visitors.

Use this information to spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors. Improve your own Google AdWords campaigns and get new ideas and keywords.

4. FREE: 8 powerful keyword tools

The long tail keyword generator tool, the keyword combinator, the keyword supplementer, the keyword replacer, the keyword fixer, the Americanizer & Britainiser, the AdWords match type creator and the ad group focus score calculator are available without limitations in the free demo version of SEOprofiler.

Use these tools to improve your Google AdWords campaigns. Get higher Quality Scores and better click-through rates.

5. FREE: the neighborhood checker

The neighborhood checker shows you up to 10 domains that use the same IP address and 10 domains that use the same IP C block as your website.

Use this tool to find low-quality websites that are hosted on the same servers as your site.

6. FREE: the readability checker

The readability checker enables you to check the readability of your pages. Research has shown that businesses and organizations waste millions of dollars by not creating texts that are easy for the average reader to read. Even Google determines the reading level of your web pages.

Use this tool to make sure that your web pages are easy to understand.

7. FREE: the Link Opportunity Finder

The Link Opportunity Finder is the quickest way to get new backlinks to your website. Just enter a keyword that is related to your website and the Link Opportunity Finder will show you websites that are willing to link to your site.

You can immediately add these websites to the link manager in SEOprofiler to get detailed contact information, etc.

Use this tool to get new backlinks as quickly as possible.

8. FREE: the link manager

You can manage up to 100 link partners with the link manager in the free demo version of SEOprofiler. The link manager helps you to keep track of your link building activities, it gets detailed contact information for each website and it automatically checks your backlinks.

Use this tool to streamline your link building activities. Get organized and get things done.

9. FREE: power bookmarks for your web browser

As a free SEOprofiler user, you get two power bookmarks that you can install in your web browser (if you want):

  • Get website information: this power bookmark shows you detailed information about the backlinks, Google rankings and AdWords ads of the website that you are visiting.
  • Add link to SEOprofiler: this power bookmark enables you to add websites to the link manager while surfing the web. Getting backlinks has never been easier!

Use the power bookmarks to save time and to work as efficiently as possible.

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This is what you get for free. You get even more as a regular member!

The tools above are the things that you get for FREE when you open a free SEOprofiler account. If you haven’t done it yet, open your free account now. We’re sure that you will like the tools.

White-hat SEO

If you become a regular member, you will get many more tools that will help you to get more customers and more sales through high rankings on Google and other search engines.

SEOprofiler is a so-called white-hat SEO tool. That means that is plays by Google’s rules and that it is spam-free. If you optimize your web pages with SEOprofiler, you will get lasting results and you don’t have to worry about algorithm updates.

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