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  • Preview: the Ranking Monitor is coming soon

    Next month, we're going to add a powerful Ranking Monitor to SEOprofiler. The Ranking Monitor will show you the results of your search engine optimization activities and it will help you to focus on the keywords that deliver quick results. Here's a first preview of what you can expect: 1. The 'Overview' panel: everything at a glance The overview page shows you basic information about the rankings of your web pages: (Click the image to see a bigger version, double-click to make it smaller.) 2. Read the full article...

    How to use the keyword permutator in SEOprofiler

    A keyword permutator is a great tool that can help you to quickly get targeted keyword lists for your Google AdWords campaigns. In this article, we'll show you how to use the keyword permutator in SEOprofiler. Step 1: write down keyword ideas Say you run a shoe shop. You could use the following three keyword ideas: hiking, sports, soccer, tennis shoes, footwear, shoe store, shop, deal, offer Step 2: Start the keyword combinator in SEOprofiler You can find the keyword combinator at the following Read the full article...

    The value of a top 10 ranking on Google

    Everybody knows that it is important to be listed on Google's first result page. However, how important is it exactly? How many clicks do the different positions on the first result page get and how much is a top 10 ranking worth in dollars? The distribution of clicks on the first search result page In April 2011, Optify published a new study that shows the distribution of clicks on the first search result page. According to their data, the number one result receives 36.4% of the clicks and Read the full article...
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